Fundraising in Scotland, mainly for Rape Crisis and mental health charities. #dosomething.

current project.

We recently put out 2 digital compilations to benefit REFUGE in the UK. They are a charity that helps women and children who have experienced domestic abuse.

Refuge: Part I is a post-rock/math rock compilation.

Refuge: Part II is a post-/black/sludge metal compilation.

Combined, they have raised over £2000.

previous projects.

We put out an acoustic punk compilation called "Lockdown Unplugged", which raised £350 for the mental health charity, Support In Mind.

We organised an all-dayer for Rape Crisis. It was held in Nice N Sleazy on 14th December 2019 and featured some of what we think are the best punk and hardcore bands in Scotland! It raised over £750.

Our 2nd project was a series of digital compilations to benefit the mental health charities Mind and SAMH

We also made a zine that features people's accounts of dealing with mental illness. more >>>

Our 1st project was a series of auctions that took place over the course of a year, to benefit the Rape Crisis Centre in Glasgow. The auctions raised over £5000. more >>>

"Don’t spend too much time mulling things over.
Just roll your sleeves up."